Weird bug with icon

Hi, firstly- thanks for the early release :smiley:
I hate to be the one to do this, but…
It seems I can only access the menu through right clicking the icon once, then I can’t do it again without rebooting first. Furthermore, the icon stays red after I initially access the menu.
In case it matters, other security stuff is: comodo FW, avast home, teatimer, and spyware terminator,
winxp home sp2 p4 3.2Ghz 1Gbram.

Well … just for the record, the “release” came as a complete surprise to me … it was “released” for testing, not for the public so that we could see what happened among our own in case any last minute adjustments were required. Since you mention “teatimer” though, just out of curiosity, try turning that off and see if it makes any difference … I need to get some sleep, wasn’t expecting this … and will be back on it tomorrow … we’ll figure it out.

Hey Kevin, and thanks for the speedy reply :smiley:
No pressure, please don’t take it as a " ■■■■, it’s not working" thing, just a heads up.
Get some well deserved rest!
thanks again, qwerty

I’m guessing you might know me from my “former life” and if so, know that any problem is of great concern to me … the button handling is exactly the same as it was in 4.22 and never had a problem. The only place where we anticipated any oddities was with Vista for obvious reasons, but here there seems to be a sign of something grabbing ahold of the button menu and I’d like to know what. :slight_smile:

Try shutting off teatimer though … I’m not up on the COMODO firewall myself so if it’s not teatimer, that’d be the next place I look. Dunno if we’re “approved” yet in the firewall … just trying to figure out what it might be so’s I can fix it.

Unfortunately, I can’t say I did know you from your previous incarnation, but the amount of work and pressure invovled in all this would be obvious to Blind Freddy.
Teatimer does seem to be what done it, disabled teatimer, and it’s now working perfectly.:smiley:

Ah for the days of working for Nancy … I’d have a few words to say … since I’m still getting my sea legs here though, better not. Soooooo … suggest you write to the good folks at Spybot and ask them “what gives?” I can fix our stuff, but I can’t fix their stuff, and sadly this is their stuff. :frowning:

You do such a good job with yours… why not give theirs a try? :wink:

Same thing happens here.

First - thanks for the program COMODO. (:CLP)

CBO is running fine for me at present.The right click menu operation is absolutely OK
(Windows XP Home, fully patched. NOD32 AV, COMODO Firewall, Comodo BO, AVG Anti-Spyware with real time protection.)


I am also running win XP, teatimer, comodo FW and AVG free here, but have no issues with the menue. Everything on that side seems to run fine.
But I wonder about the update frequency. It is configured to the standard seetings (24h; after 4 min) but it seems like it is updating every few minutes, so i turned of automatic update right now (Firewall currently set to ask, that how I found out - ofcourse I allowed the first connection)

None the less, thanks for the great piece of art! (:CLP)


JWill, I just remembered that I’m using the beta version of teatimer ( , how about you?

Whiskey, are you using the beta or stable teatimer?
coz if it’s just the beta teatimer, I 'll go back to the stable - problem solved :smiley:

Hi qwerty,

I also use the 1.5 beta version of teatimer, just installed it last week…

Well there goes that idea :frowning:
I updated a while ago, is your teatimers’ version

Hi qwerty,

yeep, I also have - sorry, that this does not help you…

Weird, it’s working fine now, with teatimer active ???
I think I removed sandboxie from startup during this time, not sure now. Nothing else has changed that I’m aware of…

Well, its been 5 days since I’ve had any problems with the icon menu not loading, if no-one is having this still happen, I’ll mark it resolved. :slight_smile: