Weird browser behavior.

First off, I just want to say that I really do love Comodo. However, I seem to be experiencing some weird unexplained behavior… So I start my computer up, and I open a web browser (I generally use Opera) and things go fine for a little while. Then, after a certain (seemingly random) time interval, I cannot connect to any pages etc. I know that this is not in any way Opera’s fault, because I always double check using Firefox. Plus, all other applications that are using the internet go about their business just fine. I have opted to allow everything that I can think of from the web browsers, but that doesn’t help. Eventually, if I am in the middle of doing something, I have no other choice but to disable Comodo. This all started when another program was trying to use Opera. I denied it access, and went about my business, but then this! Also, the logs say that Comodo is denying access to Opera and Firefox, and it appears that the Application Monitor is the problem, but the applications are completely allowed! So I basically have no idea how to fix this, and was hoping that someone could help me out.

I checked the forums, but I don’t think that anyone has had this problem (at least that I could find) but this thread was slightly helpful in this matter:,7600.0.html.

Any ideas?

Welcome to the forums dancingnacho :slight_smile:

It sounds like something related to the browsers is being denied access. It may be a component or a service.

It would be helpful if you would take a screen shot of the Log entries related to the problem and post them here. Also, check Application and Component Monitor to make sure there are no block entries.