Weird behaviour - Automatic checking of checkbox just before closing window


I’m using CFP on a Win XP computer. Sometimes CFP does something really weird. It asks whether I want to allow or deny some programme to access the Internet. The checkbox “remember my answer…” is not selected, but when I press the allow button, the box is automatically selected just when the window is closing! I can see this for a split second, but cannot do anything any more. I emphasize that I do not mean situations where the checkbox is automatically selected e.g. in the context of safe applications or when an old programme has been updated. In those cases there is enough time to think whether I want CFP to remember it or not. Now I’m talking about situations where I want the box to remain unchecked, but CFP seems to be doing something odd.
This happens (I guess) mostly in situations in which one programme calls or opens another one, e.g. some link in MS Live Messenger opens Firefox.

Anyone else with similar experience and what can be done?

It could be a graphical bug too. Is there a rule created also? Sounds weird anyway.

I’ve thought about it too, if it could be “just an illusion”. I’m not sure if a rule is created. Definately not in the application monitor window, but I’m not sure if something happens in the component monitor section. That one has so many entries that it’s (almost) impossible to know.