Weird Behavior

Maybe someone can help me with this or have noticed the same behavior. I have been using CIS since day one and have never seen this. First of all my firewall is set to custom policy with alert frequency set to very high. So I’m alerted to each and every incoming and outgoing request. I have CIS , Windows Updater Applications , and System Applications set to ask. In other words anything incoming or outgoing is met by a request. I will give my last example but it has happened several times. I downloaded and installed Glary Utilities and on install it tries to phone home and requests an outgoing connection. That’s normal so i just blocked the request. Then when I denied the request cmdagent.exe requests a outing connection to the same IP as Glary Utilities. It Seems like Glary accessed CIS in memory to make the request or something. It has happened with several other applications as well (Adobe Photoshop trial, AIMP3 media player). Not only that I was checking a digital certificate on an app, and explorer wanted outgoing to access Verisign (again nothing unusual). The moment I denied the request cmdagent made the same request to

Quite sure I’m not infected with anything. Just seems very strange. Any feed back would be very welcome.

Sometimes i noticed that cmdagent is trying to connect when i install something.
Its a 199 too.