Weird behaivor - When you select Remember, it keeps asking and asking

I have a problem with the Comodo Firewall, it happens with Adobe Illustrator, but also other programs behave the same way.

Every time I launch Illustrator, this pops-up

If I click Allow (Without selecting remember) Illustrator keeps loading with no problem.

But, if I click Remember, so it doesn’t ask the next time, it keeps generating new warnings, over and over.

How can I fix this? I don’t want to mark Illustrator as a trusted application as I want to keep it blocked from accessing internet.

If you look at the registry path in each alert you will notice the different paths that CIS warms about modification. CIS alerts for each unique path for registry and file/folder alerts. To fix your issue you must manually create allow rules for the application under HIPS rules. You say you don’t want to treat the application as trusted so that it can’t access the internet, well you can still define it as trusted and then create a rule under firewall application rules and apply the blocked application rule set.