Weekly Scan Question? [RESOLVED]

Before installing CIS I used Avira in conjunction with CFPv3 and had a weekly scan scheduled for Avira every Thursday at 0400hrs. Can someone give me a step by step how to do this in the CIS Antivirus section?. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Antivirus>Scheduled Scans> Edit “Weekly Virus Scanning” and there you go. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help 3xist,
I followed your instructions without any problem and set my weekly scan for 0400hrs this morning (Saturday) I signed into my PC at approx 1000hrs this morning (Saturday) and when I clicked on the CIS to open I could see that the virus definitions had been updated as I signed in but cannot find any results of my timed scan from 0400hrs. How do I know that my PC was scanned and what the results were from this scan. I can see on the main interface that O threats have been detected so far but would like to see some sort of proof that my PC was in fact scanned as expected?.

the AV needs a Scan Logger (Where it saves a report after scanning), hopefully will be in the future. :slight_smile: But it does work.


Ok and thanks again.

Will close this one.

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