Weekly poll at Freewarefiles.com

Pls scroll down and look to the left: “Which free Antivirus product do you prefer?”. Currently not very good results for Comodo… still a long way to go to catch the interest of AVG, avast! and Avira users. I voted for Comodo, you go ahead and make your choice. :slight_smile:

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Better: :smiley:

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… and this thread has just been read 24 times right now! :o

210 votes, Comodo @ 36.7%
as of this post.

Time to update! :o :smiley:

37,6% and 221 votes.

44.6% ;D

People really seems to like comodo AV…

I don’t blame them. 8) :smiley:




Sorry guys i do disagree slightly in this…allthough it does show how easily results can be skewed 88)

Reason i say this if you look at the weekly “Which free antivirus do you use” thing and see Comodo at the top you may consider downloading it there and then.
If you didn`t do your research/homework on the product and clicked on software catagories->Anti-virus, you then get a page where at number 6 in the list is Comodo Anti-virus Beta
You need to go to the bottom of page 3 to find CIS current

As we all know support for V2 was discontinued a while ago(as far as im aware) but someone new may just see that first entry and think ill go for that thinking they had the most recomended AV according to the site.

Maybe someone should throw freewarefiles a line asking to re-word it.

Matty (can you see where i`m coming from!)_R

That is a good point. although it is good promotion for comodo. lol

The avast! forum members have found the poll… 88)

If Comodo would fix the nagging popups, we wouldn’t have to skew the polls. In my large circle of friends and relatives, many users are uninstalling CIS because it fails to remember trusted apps. It’s starting to remind them or Norton.

Well well, I finally found a user that has that problem again. Have you posted a bug report ?


I moved his other post (concerning too many popups not being remembered) to Defense+ Bug Reports.

Where’s Rising ???

I like Avira but it’s often it’s detect a false positive

In the trash?

And I voted :wink:

Yes I’m agree with that. Lol.

Note : PCTools is nearly trash too.

I voted other because I’m using Drive Sentry temporarily until CIS 3.9 becomes final.