webview question

What makes the webview function (without password) any more secure than a plain text message? Couldn’t the address just be read in plain text?

Webview explained further:

If your contact does not want to download and install SE then they have the option (if allowed in encryption settings) to use the Web Reader service. The process they will follow is:

After receiving the notification email they simply need to forward it to secure-read@secure-email.comodo.com.

After forwarding the mail, the server will send them another email message containing a link to our Web Reader service where they can securely view the message.

Your recipient clicks on the link to visit the Web Reader server which will decrypt the message and display it over a secure SSL connection.

So the message is still sent securely and viewed over a secure connection once the intended sender is verified by the varification email.

Hope this helps…


So the password in the address bar is encrypted? And if the certificate is “one use,” why can I keep on accessing the test email I sent to my other email account?


Certificate is for “one use” - that means that it is used only once for encryption/decryption reasons.
Actually, we are expecting that your recipient will download Comodo SecureEmail and will decrypt it locally
it is the most safe way to read this e-mail. Then your recipient will send any signed e-mail to you and you will get his certificate for encryption.
WebReader was developed to let people who don’t want to install and download software (or can’t) read received e-mails encrypted with generated session “one use” certificate.

Feel free to ask any more questions.

Regards, Eugene.