Webuser review gives glowing report

Just got the latest edition of Webuser and Comodo firewall version3 gets the gold award, it goes on to say that “at the time of writing it was still undergoing some tweaking but should just be about ready by the time you read this!!” Mmm, a little optimistic me thinks or do they know something we don’t? (:LGH)

When did they write the article? In the future? ;D

Perhaps they are being very optimistic…


can you pls post a screenshot for us :slight_smile:

If it gets gold award for Alpha, then I wonder what kind if reward they’ll give when CPF 3 is released… ???

A diamond award with titanium wrapping


Your wish is my command Melih. (M)

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Thank you Bader40 :slight_smile:
I really appreciate it.


Melih, i would be interested to hear your views on this wonderful review. (:WIN)

Its good review. However, we hadn’t enabled the safelist in the version yet. So it will receive many popups hence effect user experience.


Where do these magazines get their information from? There could be a lot of people logging onto the Comodo site expecting to download the stable version.Goodnesss knows what these potential Comodo devotees will feel when they can only get the far from stable version!