Websites continue failing with Comodo

More and more websites continue to fail with CD. I’ve been using the browser for well over a year but this is now becoming an increasing issue. What’s worse, these are the websites that I prefer to use with Comodo…sites like Chase and TMobile where I’m paying bills. They just plain don’t work within Comodo Dragon. And now even Facebook is failing to load. Is this common?

I really don’t want to replace CD but the sites I need to use are not working. Looks like it’s back to Chrome, or I suppose I could try IceDragon but not if it’s going to have similar issues.


Please add a full bug report as requested in this thread so the issue can be investigated.

Also add this command line switch to Dragon’s desktop shortcut: --enable-logging --v=1.
You will find the logs at the following location %localappdata%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\chrome_debug.txt.
Please attach the log file with the issue once it reproduces.

Note: The logs are recreated with each browser restart, so make sure you move the log to a safe location right after the issue reproduced.

Thank you.