Hello everyone,

Just thought I would tell you all about a website I have been working on (i’m the co-founder). Please drop by and tell me what you think, feel free to register as the site is basically finished with development and we could use your help.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Went to your site and registered. Looks very clean and seems to be easy to navigate around. I like the idea of the How-to’s.


Thanks Jasper,

Zig and I have been working ■■■■■■■ the website, feel free to make some suggestions.

Looks nice, I’ve to to go school soon, but I’ll sign up on the site when I get home :wink:


u need stuffs so u can how-to’s
i mean u can haf a recommendable freeware section. my 2c.

Thanks, I’ve gone ahead and made a board for that :slight_smile:

You need to work on your template here, matte.
It’s way off limit at 1024+FF here.
…that flashy welcome pic is the problem…

Also, I think you need to adjust the “on mouse over” color (theme) effect on those buttons.
…pretty absurd if you can’t read the button(s) details you’ll click to…

…and keep your news pictures margin’s consistent every now and then…

…else, put a welcome message (not pics) that will explain what your site is all about.
…of course you can change that with a simple headline tag, bellow your site tittle, or wherever it may fit…

ie: - Computer & Security bla…bla…bla…

Thanks for the feedback, I will look into those changes :wink:

Can you upload a screenshot of what you’re seeing please? Because for all of my PC’s at home it has been displaying fine :-\

Just updated the topbar changing a couple things, you will mostly notice the color change, please tell me what you think of this change :slight_smile:


The new color scheme blend (almost) perfectly.
…and here’s how it looks like at my screen…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Ok now that I took the flashy registration banner down, how is it now?

…if you can put some margin (4 or 5px maybe) between that OS X pic vs the news’s words…it’ll be perfect!

Anyway… you might want to take a look at the following site for a better reference about color scheming.

Thanks, I have separated them by 5 pixels, is that ok or do you think I should do more?

So do you think the red topbar is ok?

OK. That’s perfect!
Yes it’s color are pretty much eye catcher, and worth to be put in there as the main attentions.
Now, all you need to do, is get yourself that “ColorSchemer Studio”, and put that top bar’s “red code” into that thing, and BLINK! you’ll get yourself a professional color scheme.

Good Luck!

Thanks, but unfortunately this is a template and it doesn’t list the color codes :cry: to change the colors I modify the code like this:

$header_style = “dark”; // light | dark
$toolbar_style = “red”; // orange | blue | red | green
$footer_style = “dark”; // dark | orange | blue | red | green
$menu_name = “mainmenu”; // mainmenu by default, can be any Joomla menu name
$menu_sidenav = “left”; // left | right
$default_width = “fluid”; // wide | thin | fluid

…aah, CSS…
The dreaded & loveable piece of code…

If you have Photoshop, you can take a screenshot, and start searching for the color code from it.

Hints: Press “i” while Photoshoping, and left click on the color you wish to get it’s code from

[Double Post]

…or, you can use this FF add-on.

[/Double Post]

Nope don’t have Photoshop, I have Photoshop Elements 3, but I don’t think it will run on Vista and I don’t know if it has that feature, I have GIMP so I don’t know if GIMP has that same feature or not :-\

I know nothing about GIMP, unfortunately…
But it seems, I make a mistake…
From your previous post, it seems the colors are getting code from inside the CSS itself.
Can you tell me where can I obtain the template from, so I can learn it’s color code.

Yep, here is the website.

We are using Versatility