Website URL Blocking

URL blocking would be good as it would stop you from downloading malware in the first place.

e.g: Visit a known bad website, Comodo could block it.

I wouldn’t be sure how to manage to get a comprehensive list of known bad sites though?

I’m not sure but maybe Comodo DNS does that ? ???

the only thing comodo could do is use google’s malware list and maybe partner with bluetack, to setup a Ip based blocking structure. That is about the only way to do it reliability, block the IP outright.

I agree that is the only way to do it and have it be reliable.

How does Malwarebytes do it? Do they just block the IP ranges they harvest malware from? I have always thought blocking IPs was a risky business due to dynamic addresses?


+1. Comodo needs something like McAfee SiteAdvisor.