WebSite Suggestion - IRC

Hey guys, I’ve got a website suggestion for you.

In my view, having an IRC channel(maybe even a server) could be a great way for users to communicate and they could get help faster. you could have say… #Lounge as a place for the users to relax and have off topic discussions etc, and another channel #support where users can lend a hand to each other.


I had this idea in mind, just forgot to post it :frowning:

I’m fully backing you up Kyle :-TU


Sometimes fourms come in handy too…

Eg. It would be possible to setup a Poll and post a link in PLEASE VOTE HERE!!! (If you are running a poll then pls put a link here!) and in your signature as well in order to promote your idea to other members.

Nah sorry, I am\was just bumping it to the top of the thread hoping comodo staff will see it.

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I have now added a poll, Vote if you think that an IRC would be beneficial for Comodo and it’s users :slight_smile:

No, An IRC wouldn’t be.

Forums are far more better for communication.


I’m sure a chat would be faster response times but I prefer forum since a good portion of issues are already here and you just need to search for them. And say we do get this help chat? What happens when we get 150 people in there where it’s just terrible to try and read a single line… Kinda like the Ubuntu support chat >:(

There could be channels dedicated to each topic or topic group :slight_smile:

Good point!

Nice Idea