website safe lists

No browser will accept cookies and I have been told it is something wrong with my firewall.
I can’t find anywhere in cis to add a site to a safe list though, can someone advise please?

CIS should have no effect on cookie acquisition or storage, unless you’ve somehow restricted access to the folder in which they’re typically stored. ‘Normal’ cookies are part of the HTTP transaction between the browser and the server. If you can connect to a web site, your browser is capable of receiving a cookie.

Can you provide an example of a specific browser you’re using, with any settings you may have configured for cookie handling, along with a web site where it’s failing to accept a cookie?


Hi I’ve tried IE 8 and Opera 11.50, and tried to sign into my account at It is socntinually telling me cookies arten’t enabled but they are, and indeed other sites work.
I cannot ither login to

If other sites are working correctly and your browser is able to accept cookies from them, it suggests your cookie settings, for the sites you cannot access, may be incorrect.