Website Mis-spelling words

Auto-Check/Spell Check/ Grammar Check?

Any of these three would be a great tool, because around there is almsot 100 typo’s
or mis spelled words…

Mainly around ‘Terms of Use’

Few typo’s


Thank you for the report. However, I was unable to find “hundreds” of typographical errors (typos) that you have claimed to be around. There is only one word that I haven’t encountered before and that is in Section #2 of the URL you have provided and I am unsure if it is legal jargon. (itransmit)

Can you please be SPECIFIC on where these typos appear?

Also, a spelling and grammar check usually will not pick up errors like you made (twice) in this post (typo’s instead of typos) because both words are spelled correctly, just the one was not used properly.

My great apologizes, and also i’m embarrassed lol

I don’t know ‘legal jargon’ at all, and didn’t know they existed?