Website Issue: Attempt to download 64 bit gets 32 bit instead

Tonight I selected the CIS 64 bit version to download for Windows 7. I am having to work with a dial-up connection at the moment so this took quite a bit of time.
I selected the 64 bit download, chose the download folder, and when I went to install CIS on my laptop was informed that I had instead been sent the 32 bit version and would have to go back and download the 64 bit version. I still have the page open in front of me showing my selection of the 64 bit version which I never got.
What happened? I was downloading to a different computer which was 32 bit and I am wondering if, in spite of my choice, I was forced to accept a 32 bit version because I was not downloading to a 64 bit system.
Is there any way around this? I’d hate to get stuck after 2 hours if I try this again.

Thanks for your attention.

Is this where and how you downloaded the file? I see the filename is correctly cis_setup_x64.msi.

BTW, for slow internet connections, it might benefit from trying the online installer that Egemen posted:

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Thanks for the reply. I am downloading the installer to see if it will help. I had been downloading to a 32 bit system as the speed of download was faster. The 64 bit system is on a laptop which is using a usb modem. I don’t know if this is standard for usb modems, but it is reporting a crummy 49 kbps download speed… urg !!! The desktop pc uses a standard modem and connects as optimum dial up speed, so I why am doing this is rather obvious.

Yes, I opened your png file and saw what you got. I should have been watching what I was getting as I chose the same 64 bit win 7 download selection on the page. It was still in view when I opened my downloaded file and told that it would not install on my machine. I did see that the file was marked differently than I had expected during the donwload. I thought that perhaps Comodo had included the 64 bit information in this file since my selection settings to download the 64 bit system were correct. I was not in error. This is why I asked if perhaps the Comodo download server had decided to automatically select for me a 32 bit system to download because at the moment I was requesting from a 32 bit platform.

Note Aside:
I don’t know what you people are seeing, by the way, but where I live, an awful lot of people have decided during these economic times that paying for some of the ridiculously overpriced packages offered by internet providers for high speed connections is not a part of their current realities. It seems bizarre that when I am on the web and watching the news that people talk as if no one is on dial up anymore. On the ground here, I see quite a different picture. I have friends telling me all the time that they have decided to drop their high speed for savings reasons… either quiting their net operations or going to a cheap dial up option. We are having a time of it dealing with programs that seem to continue to assume that their increasing size is not a problem. Even online email programs such as Google and Hotmail (both good services) have become lard-infested. No one seems to think anymore that it might be a nice attribute to design a program for efiiciency by cutting some of the fat. I think that people need to continue to be aware of this reality.

Thanks Again.

Resolved: 64.msi in tow! Perhaps it was just a downloading glitch.