Website for COMODO Secure DNS was totally copied from NeuStar's UltraDNS

NeuStar’s UltraDNS:

The most obvious evidence
DNS settings for MAC OS X from COMODO

source: Secure DNS for Mac OS X Setup Instructions - Comodo

DNS settings for MAC OS X from UltraDNS


This is not only a copy of pictures, But also of a whole site.

Well I guess as the Comodo secure DNS servers are actually hosted by NeuStar, that is, they are part of the UltraDNS network, there’s not much point reinventing the wheel when it comes to providing instructions.

Why is it that comodo does not display they are part of the ultra dns network?

Probably because they have licensed it and have the right to rebrand it as they see fit. This is a common practice in rebranding.

Nothing to see here - move along. :P0l :smiley:

Hmm is rebranding like what Conroy will do with our internet filter :o :smiley:

power supply manufacturers do it, your crsair psu was not made by crsair.

Graphics card makers do it as well.

I see no reason that they shouldn’t mention it’s part of the UltraDNS network. That would actually be a bit of a selling (figuratively) point. Chances are pretty good that more people have heard of UltraDNS than SecureDNS. So they may be a bit skeptical of trying SecureDNS not having heard anything about it. But if they saw that it was part of the UltraDNS network, they may just give it a try.

If there is an agreement that lets comodo call it whatever, Let them call it whatever.

Seriously no big thing, GData is using other vendors engines and calls the product GData. Auslogics is using “stuff” from Bit-defender and calls it their own name. Its very common to buy stuff or make some kind of agreement that allows a companie to rebrand it… Microsoft is doing that with sys-internals as well.

in the same way that Genghis Khan called the sacking of Europe a summer holiday. >:-D :-TD

Comodo has also licensed Time Machine.

I have no problem with things being rebranded. I’m just saying that if the company they have licensed from has any sort of a track record already, it can only help matters to say that Comodo is using that. It’s much easier from a marketing standpoint to get people to swallow a name/product they are already familiar with than it is for them to accept an unknown entity.

Surely the whole point is when you are pondering whether to click the button to use COMODO DNS (like I was last night) you want to know if you are going to be getting a good reliable service. Will the DNS servers be up 100% ? Is there automatic finding of local servers ? How many servers in the network ? Fast response ? etc etc.

I couldn’t find any information like that being offered, and I had never seen it mentioned in reviews of DNS networks, so I didn’t click it. If it had said “this is part of the UltraDNS network” then I might well have clicked it. If it had said “this is part of the GoogleDNS network” then I might not have clicked it.

What happens when you put a bad URL into the Comodo-branded version ? Do you get a screen with adverts on it ? If not then can’t imagine why Comodo would want to licence it.