Website Filtering?

I read the PC MAg review in which Rubenking said -

“Comodo Internet Security Premium includes a URL filtering add-in for Internet Explorer, something not found in the standalone antivirus. However, when I ran the malicious URL blocking test again, this add-in did nothing at all. My contact at Comodo confirmed that this feature is not yet working, that it’s a placeholder for now. The company expects to roll out detection of malicious and phishing URLs sometime in Q1. Until that time, you won’t get any protection from this component.”

Is this the same as the website filtering function? If so, why is it just referenced for IE not other browsers? Is the function available yet?

The IE add-on is part of Secure Shopping they must be confused. The web-filter uses user-mode API hooks within the browser.

But CIS has Web Protection too And its useless…databases not updated for over a year…if you check the databases for web filtering, its still the same as was a year ago.

That’s pretty shocking if correct. I think Comodo create some of the products with good intentions but then fundamentally just resort to basic white-listing and default-deny, everything else is superfluous to them. That’s a pity-

Did they really make such mistake in the review? Shameful.

our Cdome Shield…which is free has FULL Content filtering with over 60 categories to choose from.
Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security? here is the comparison page vs Cisco Umbrella that charges $38 per user per year.
ours is free…

What has Cdome got to do with the website filtering in CIS, are the two the same?

Its about Protecting the user…doesn’t matter what the package is or what its called…We focus on providing security…we provide our users Content filtering at such amazing level that Cisco charges for a similar service for $38 per user per year!!

So we haven’t called it CIS web filtering…we can…but these are not important issues…whats important is to arm our users with technologies to keep themselves safe.

By simply changing the DNS at the router you can protect the whole family, including mobile phones, IoT devices and so on…its a great addition to your security layer…

Cdome = Off Topic Here

Indeed, a salesman came a knocking on the door :wink:

I am none the wiser after Melih’s contribution. If a user has advised above that website filtering is not updated for one year, then does it mean Cdome is failed or Website Filtering in CIS is failing…or both…or neither?!

Salesman? Didn’t realize we were charging the users for it :wink:

I am merely trying to educate users who need web filtering to look to cdome shield to get this protection rather than trying to use whats inside CIS for now.
Why? because CDome Shield is NOT fully integrated into CIS yet…
So imo, we would be doing a disservice to anyone reading this thread thinking they can’t get web filtering using CIS while there is a solution (CDome Shield) for them to use to protect themselves and their family.

I am merely trying to educate our users to protect themselves with our Free products.

Melih, no doubt on your intention But it is off topic.

Likewise any off topic can be explained :wink:

function is available…as CDome Shield…about to be integrated into CIS…guys are working on it… (on topic? :wink: ).

What about Comodo Time Machine? it in development?..will you integrate it into CIS?..(on topic? ;))

Now, this is 100% off-topic ;D

I corrected the typo ;D

Website filtering is about detection, so, as well as CAV, it’s not Comodo best feature.
Actually, I hope website filtering will be removed from CIS. Much better to use a browser extension for that

Comodo Time Machine is NOT web filtering.
CDome Shield is web filtering.

It doesn’t matter, an off-topic is an off-topic.

If some user post in CIS section & say malware bypassed CIS & encrypted the documents.
You post Comodo Backup is the solution to take care of your documents And then justify your off-topic post by saying Comodo Backup is going to be integrated in CIS…Your post & justification are off-topic.

Like I previously mentioned, any off-topic can be explained its not off-topic And you are doing that…

CDome Shield is what the “Contact at Comodo” is referring to.
As per my post, we are hoping to bring this technology CDome Shield built into CIS and the team is working on it.
The function is available at the moment as a stand alone as CDome Shield. As you guys know we first bring functions as stand alone, then integrate.

If the OP thinks this information is not relevant to the original post, I apologize and more than happy to delete the comments.