website filtering working or not?

I’m not sure if firewall website filtering does any good job and is worth to leave it on, using it for years it only blocked once, that was win site and besides this I haven’t seen it blocking anything. I mean Comodo malware defined sites, not user added. Is there any list where I could see such websites which Comodo defines as malwared?

Unfortunately, the list of urls that are part of the malware and phishing built-in categories are not available and therefore you’re unable to see what would be blocked. I guess its really up to you if you want to use the website filtering and the only way to know if it is useful or providing any additional protection, is to check the website filtering logs every now and then to see if anything gets blocked.

ok thanks. I checked and website filtering list is empty, not sure maybe because I disabled website filtering recently and it cleared logs. Could you tell me how does yours look?

I personally don’t use the website filtering and I also don’t visit random sites or anything like that and I have ublock origin and Noscript for firefox that does a better job of protecting me from malicious sites.