Website Filtering slows down website loading considerably?


Not sure if I’m correct, here. This is in regards to the free Comodo Firewall for Windows 10. The Comodo version number is which seems also to be the latest update for the CIS suite. Windows is up to date.

If I recall correctly, I was offered to activate Website Filtering with the latest update and probably did. Going by my memory, this was about one or two weeks ago, close enough to the release date of
Website filtering doesn’t seem to be a new feature, but I don’t think I had it activated in the past . So this might have to do something with the update or Website Filtering in general. However, I wouldn’t swear on my memory regarding any of these things. Could be I was prompted to activate a similar feature etc.

Recently, I noticed that websites loaded more slowly and some didn’t load the first time at all, but only when refreshed. Didn’t make a connection to the Comodo update at first, suspected something like a DNS issue because the delay was at the very start, but today the problems were pretty noticeable and I had some time. Remembered the update and took a look at Comodo. Deactivated Website Filtering. Bingo. All sites immediately loaded without delay and for the first time again. Experienced the slowdown with Chrome and Firefox.

Now this could be a coincidence, because activating Website Filtering again doesn’t cause the same delay immediately and I haven’t set up any rules myself, but so far I’m pretty confident that there’s a causal link, here, and something connected to Website Filtering threw a spanner in the works.

Out of curiosity, do you use the Comodo Online Security extension in your browser? which browser do you use?

Thanks for your reply! No, I’m not using the browser extension and I use mostly Chrome and sometimes Firefox, very rarely Edge. As far as I can tell, the browser doesn’t matter.

Edit: We also have a second pc with a different configuration in the house that didn’t have any of the aforementioned problems and there didn’t seem to be a connection between a different device accessing the internet and the problems and there wasn’t a recent change in behaviour of the users, either.

I’ve not noticed any difference at my end but I’ll play around with it. I know there are plans to improve it as it currently only works with http pages but your google safe browsing is more likely to block any bad pages.

Extensions like uBlock Origin can help blocking third-party stuff when done in Medium Mode Blocking mode: medium mode · gorhill/uBlock Wiki · GitHub which blocks third party script and frames.

The easiest way to do this is enablng “I am an advanced user” and adding the following under “My Rules”

    • 3p-frame block
    • 3p-script block
  • com * noop
  • gov * noop
  • io * noop
  • net * noop
  • org * noop

Thanks for the tips!