Website Filtering issues [M2327] [M2337] [M1573]

Comodo Internet Security
windows 10 1909

test Browser:
ie 11:
chrome 78

test url:
NASA发现印度月球着陆器坠毁地点 碎片清晰可见|月球|NASA_新浪新闻

bug 1:
cannot block https url.

bug 2:
cannot add rule: id=

If I want to block all addresses (not limited to a certain domain name) from URLs containing a certain keyword。

for example url:

How to make blocked URLs show a blank page instead of the warning page that comes with comodo?

in site https not setting or exist;
id= not accept maybe because it’s a programming term, but it doesn’t explain not accepting

Using a rule like * / * will block all, but I don’t want to block the entire domain, I just want to block certain URLs.
If you do not support general rules such as * url = *, you need to set each domain name individually, which is too cumbersome.

Are URLs that block the https protocol not currently supported? Is there a plan for follow-up?

HTTPS filtering is supported on certain browsers, chrome support must be broken again as CIS version had support for chrome 74. As for the other issue, it is already a known issue with not being able to use certain string values.