Website filtering is useless

I’ve spent the last six hours setting up very simple website filtering rules. Despite dropping the rules in the right categories to block access to these sites, and making sure EVERYONE is the user targeted for all accounts, it does not work. It may work here and there, but upon refresh, the site is available. I have followed the instructions to the the T and I’m getting nowhere.

Hi at2013,

We need exported rules for further investigation, please check your Inbox for private message and follow the given steps.

There are no rules. I deleted what Firewall came with and simply setup a filtering rule for; when visiting a profile link, the site is momentarily banned and then reappears if I refresh and the profile comes up. I used a wildcard to prevent access to, and

The site won’t resolve 1-2 times before coming through despite there only being one block rule for those sites. There is no way I’m following these directions wrong UNLESS Comodo Internet Security is needed in Addition to the Firewall for it to work properly. Shouldn’t this be possible with the firewall alone?

Having just wiped away the entire ruleset again, I can no longer add rules. Just categories. I’m going to uninstall Comodo until I can figure out why this software is bugging out or why I can’t get it to work unless it doesn’t work with HTTPS URLs.

It appears through some reading and a video a member made not long ago that HTTPS prevents filtering from working correctly. I suspect this is due to Comodo unable to sniff what is being transferred between the server and before it hits my browser.

What would you suggest I do? OpenDNS with an adult and custom filter block and change my router’s DNS from ISP to them or what? I used Comodo’s firewall for many years, especially during the malware/crypto outbreak and it saved my ■■■ on many a occasion. I’ll probably still use it, but I do need web filtering because I don’t want my nephew visiting nefarious sites when he’s around.