Website filtering is not working in Higher versions of Chrome and Opera

Hi there,

I am using Comodo firewall to block the websites and it was working fine till last week. I am using this to block all and allow few websites concept, using “*” in blocked websites. I was using Chrome 34 version and today I have upgraded to Chrome 46. In Chrome 46, the Comodo Firewall is failed to block “https://” connection. In Opera 16 also Comodo failed to block “https://” connection. Is there any remedy to this?

Can confirm on Google Chrome 46.0.2490.71 and Opera 32.0.1948.44 https:// URLs are not blocked. I will make a bug report about this.

Yes I have checked in Chrome 46.0.2490.71 and Opera 32.0.1948.44, Both are failed to block https:// connections…

Does anybody found solution to the “https://” issue.? Whether it is a bug ?

According to a developer, web filtering is not supported for opera and they will fix the chrome bug in a later version.