Website Filtering enhancement

There’s one sets`of functions that would like to see in Website Filtering option… its all almost are in one malware app named Adguard …
Some of that -

  1. a little UI icon(that can be optional injected in a corner of web page) to rule blocking contents.

  2. various rules, especially advanced functions, described there-
    How to create your own ad filters | AdGuard Knowledge Base
    How to create your own ad filters | AdGuard Knowledge Base

(most of thay are taked from AdBlockPlus Advanced functions-

these rules - Specifying filter options - are very important for adds-on-page-blocking!!!
Hope to see all these features with Specifying filter options (from that both lists) in CIS Website Filtering option !

And would be great if will be possible to turn off automatic Comodo filter and using only custom filter !!!

Comodo actually has an adblocker called PrivDog. Here is the link to it:

It’s a good news…
So then my future asking is - to include PrivDog adblocker to CIS!
I think it would be the great idea to use this adblocker in CIS also and as a stand alone app!

The CIS installer already installs PrivDog by default…

From what I can tell this is already incorporated, assuming users choose to install PrivDog with CIS (which is done by default). Thus, I will move this wish to the main Beta Board for discussion.


I just saw PrivDog and… is really not what I meant to see in this kind of appp(((( it’s just browser plugin((( and with aim to provide “white” ads and their own blocking rules(((

I mean the Real Page Filter - look at Adguard - they really did an ideal page filter app-
global block rules, page block rules, my custom block list… and ui + web-ui…
it’s like good-old Proxomitron… but better…
I mean something like “local filtering proxy”. And that would be really great (in CIS and standalone)!