Website filter not working !

I have set up website filtering for ad sites.
I created a category “BAD WEBSITES”
I added the websites under the category.
Under “blocked sites”, I added that category.
Everything is enabled.
all the sites are still accessible in chrome and IE.
when I look in the log, it shows my access to these sites as blocked attempts even though Comodo let me through.
I did a restart of my pc to no avail
I am using version 7.0.317799.4142 on win7

Please try this:

  • Website Filtering…Categories…Add Category…
    (name it for instance MyBadSitesCategory)
  • Website Filtering… Categories…Add Website…
    (add a Website, for instance
  • Website Filtering…Rules…Add…
    under name: MyBadSitesRule
    under Category…add…select MyBadSitesCategory
    under Users…add…write “all” o another username…accept
    take care that the user you stored should have the “Block” attribute
    and logging “yes”
    Now if you write this URL is blocked.

ok…tried that.
still lets me through to website.
the log says it blocked access.

What happens when you restart your browser or try another browser?

Is it HTTPS or HTTP?

It happens in both IE and chrome.
I have restarted everything and its still not working.
I’m trying to block: and