Website Database Update Error (Timed Out?)

Yesterday, I upgrade my 8,1 Pro laptop to Windows 10 Pro (64bit) via Windows Update. When I check for updates:

Website Database Update - Red X (Error)

Recognizer Updates - Green Checkmark (Up to date)

Program Updates - Green checkmark (Up to date)

I am not sure if this is related to Windows 10 or not. I don’t believe I had this problem with 8,1. I usual don’t manually check for updates, but I am testing all my programs to see if they work under Windows 10. So far, this is the only problem I see with CIS.

I am running the latest version of CIS. I only have the Firewall and Defense+ components installed not AV. I am running Avast and MBAM Premium.

I read that others are having problems with CIS in Windows 10 and an update is planned. I thought I would post my problem, in case others are having this issue. Thanks.