Website Blocked... Can't Unblock

This website was accessible yesterday and now Comodo firewall has blocked it without cause and I am unable to unblock it manually as there are no CLEAR Instructions as to what buttons to click to allow access to the website.

Now I’ve paid money for a firewall that must be ‘Disabled’ just so I can use the internet to which I need a firewall for…

For the love of god why can’t there be a link the says add exclusion to access the website.

Look here.

If it isn’t connected with web the filter, it is possible is connected with DNS Comodo. (if you use it).

The site works for me.

Well thank god for your answer ma’am, I have saved that page.

Thank you.

I also figured out that ‘Blocked Sites’ sitting on top, overrides any ‘Allowed Sites’ so I had to delete the ‘Blocked Sites’ and remake it under ‘Allowed Sites’, So everything works as it should.

LOL! No. :smiley:
You are welcome :slight_smile: