Website Blacklisting

Or use OpenDNS.

It has all manner of topics that you you can have it block.

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i tryed antibanner v2.0 for opera, works great, I must say that Kaspersky internet security bolck most of advertising, why CIS can’t do it? ???..I sow how anti banner do, it block:

  1. a list of known advertising sites
  2. size of advertising is to small that how it can be also detect
  3. somehow detect popups and also block it, because advertising appear in popups windows mostly…
    I don’t know how about u but I don’t need a program like antivirus, another for firewall, now for thi avertising…I ask u how much programs do I need to work with pleasure at my computer 100…no I need one CIS for it…let make it better, let make it the BEST…