Website Blacklisting

I think that a website blacklist on COMODO would be a great tool. This would work by having a blacklist of bad sites constantly being updated by comodo and if the user tries to access that site it would warn him that the site is blocked without even making a connection.

There are a lot of bad sites out there such as phishing sites and this can really help secure browsers. :wink:

I second that motion.

Avira has something similar to that right now. If it’s included with COMODO it will only be better.

I’ll stick with my HOST file

Well yes the host file can be used but you need to manually insert details in it. This would be updated automatically by comodo and its especially useful for less technical people.

+1 also add a keyword to block some advertising too.


Yes advert blocking can be a great plus. You can also add a report function so that users who were victims of an attack can report the site for blacklisting.

I don’t think Comodo should maintain a web blacklist.

Why not? I think it would be a great addon as it prevents you from visiting the site even before the connection is made.

Because that isn’t CIS’s focus.

Not to mention that CIS should catch anything before it gets on your system anyway.

CIS = Comodo Internet Security
Identity Theft prevention is part of internet security.

And CIS can catch a lot of things yes. What it can’t catch is a malicious website trying to act like another legit site. Website Blacklisting is one answer to that which i believe is effective.

You do not need malware to commit fraud.

No! No way! Never! I want to be free to decide what I browse. Unsafe sites based on what? Certificates? User rating? Most of the search providers already provide such service and if you seek for a one push forget for no brainer, there are already plenty of commercial suites to coach you, control you and only to let you do what they want you to do.

Besides, I think you are are mixing features

And CIS can catch a lot of things yes. What it can't catch is a malicious website trying to act like another legit site. Website Blacklisting is one answer to that which i believe is effective.

What you want is a :P0l with note pad and a pen (well, a Dbase) running after the bad guys. Which such “strategy” you better shoot fast. Firefox (or Opera) and no script (they both have theirs) would do a much better job in the example I have quoted.

If you really fell insecure about your browsing habits, or if you need an extra layer of security, this link should provide you the right solution

Well CIS wouldn’t completely block the site. It would just show a warning message and give you the option of entering or turning back. I think it would be helpful so that at least you can browse the site but be alert when giving certain information.

There are popup blockers and Ad blockers as browser plugins. A website blacklister/blocker would also be required as a browser plugin to function properly. This would not be a function of CIS, so I voted ‘No’.

My exact take on it also, CIS wasn’t built or developed for this particular purpose and I don’t believe it should have to handle user browsing habits IMHO, you either know of another program to handle this or you use intuition and especially common sense when surfing the net… :-TU
Xman 8)

These kinds of blacklists are notorious for adding sites incorrectly. I have seen numerous sites struggling against having been included on these lists, the McAfee one inparticular.

Anyone who uses Firefox can try the extension “Web of Trust”.

Yes, McAfee’s Site Advisor is really bad.

Finjan works well. It’s different from WOT in that it is an actual malicious content scanner instead of a community based reporting network. It works on both Firefox and IE.

But it is not meant for Vista. This was confirmed via an email from them. It does not display correctly on my Vista x64 system.

I voted no. This is something browsers already do. It’s a browser thing in my view.

if you want website blacklisting why not download spywareblaster and be done with it. Simple fast and you only need to run it once a week.