Webservices are getting blocked

Ok now this is getting annoying… Comodo is now blocking inetinfo.exe as suspicious this morning with no popup dialog. Nothing has changed on my network, machine or Comodo settings. Help please, I really don’t want to go back to Zone Alarm but it seems I may be forced to.

Hi Goon.

In the pictures you posted earlier, inetinfo.exe was being flagged as suspicious by the ‘Application Behaviour Analysis’ subsystem of CFP. ABA is used to monitor low level communications between components of your system, such as DLL injection, Interprocess communication etc.

Clearly ABA believes something has changed (the detail should be in the log entry?) and is alerting you to the fact. You could try disabling ABA, but that really is turning off a BIG part of the security CFP offers. It might, however, provide a first step, in solving the puzzle.


I “allowed all activities” to inetinfo.exe so I can get some work done. I’ll mess with it after work to see if I can get more info on what ABA finds suspicious. Thanks