webserver and ftp

I use that program to run a webserver,and the ftp server program from that link.
It is working inside the lan,outside (wan) it is not working.
I give all the trust in the options panel from comodo,that this program can use all ports,and ip (in-out)
Still i can’t reach it from outside.
If i do a test on www.grc.com and then shieldsup.the comodo firewall still keeps blocking port 80 and port 21-990 and 443 that i use.
If i turn comodo off all works great. (i have forwarded the ports correctly in my linksys wrt54gl)
Men,i realy want to use this firewall,only if it keeps blocking that 2 programs i have to remove it,i don’t want to do that.
So maybey there is some 1 who can help me out,so that the 2 programs can work outside also,instead of lan only.

Welcome to the forum tinuz97,

I removed your duplicate post as you requested.

Have you looked in the firewall log to see if anything is getting blocked such as inbound ports. If there are ports being blocked that are related to the server then you need to make rules allowing those ports IN. This would be under Network Monitor. Be sure to place the rules above any BLOCK rules in the list as rules are read from top to bottom.

I am assuming you are using version 2.4 of CFP.

Hope this helps.