WebRTC options missing?

I’m running Dragon Version 57.0.2987.93.

In its IP / DNS Leakage Detector (the blue “lock” icon at upper right) the tab “Disable WebRTC” says

In order to prevent WebRTC leaks, Uncheck WebRTC option under Settings > Security. Click here to see settings

Unfortunately, there is no WebRTC option under Settings > Security and the “here” link (chrome-extension://gjecojhgmbeijhiddahpjiplnpllmomd/ip_dns_page.html#) says “No matches were found.”

I have the same question, where is option to disable WebRTC ?!?!?!

A follow up: WebRTC is enabled in Dragon, so the option to disable it needs to work.

In particular, Dragon is providing my computer’s address on my local network to remote web sites. For example, the Web page http://whatismyipaddress.com/webrtc-test detects and shows its address on the local “non-routed” 192.168 subnet, which is behind my NATing router.

I really could not understand why comodo hide option to disable WebRTC? Anybody could explain?

Does Chrome have a setting that allows you to turn off WebRTC? I don’t remember and I use ublock origin which has an option to prevent WebRTC usage.

You really ask for something like that? lol

That was main option in settings in chromodo as I good remember similar like here: How to disable WebRTC in Chrome

After you stop chromodo project this option disappear.