Webroot Still won't run

Well Webroot still won’t run all the way through even after the update. It gets about a 1/4 of they way through and slows down to a snail pace. Last night CIS did it’s weekly scan and reported one of Webroot’s dlls as unidentified Malware (I think that was it, I have the screen shot of the error at home)! It is getting very frustrating.


Here is the exact error that was reported. “Location: c:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\wrlzma.dll” “Threat Name: Unclassified Malware@8372063”.

I wonder if this error is why it won’t run?

Is there anyway we can roll back to the old Comodo version that I never had any issues with?


In case file was quarantined, you can re-store it using: Antivirus–>Quarantined Items
While we are looking at this and if found false-positive, will try to fix it asap.


We have identified this false-positive and will be fixed in next CAV update.
Thank you for reporting.

Well an update for firefox came out the other day and it took 15 minutes to install, basically just like Webroot it get to a certain point and come to a crawl. Well, frustration finally took over and I uninstalled Comodo and would you believe Webroot Spy sweeper now only takes 20 minutes to scan my entire hard drive and the update to Firefox took aprox 1 minute!

Before this last major Comodo update this is how it was working. Whatever you guys did to this last major update has really caused Comodo to be almost impossible to use.


I have to ask the question though, is it really the update that is making Comodo almost impossible to use, or could it perhaps be SpySweeper?

I finally uninstalled SpySweeper at the beginning of last month because the latest releases have been interfering with too many other programs. I liked SpySweeper, but it simply became a headache.

Well I have been using Webroot for over three years and even using it with Comodo. It worked great with Comodo before the last major release with no problems. But the minute Comodo updated with the release that started causing all the Heuristic false positive issues, several things started slowing down, not just Webroot. As indicated, Firefox update was running terrible. I have installed “PC Tools Firewall Plus” and have not had an issue (just like Comodo before this last major update)? So, is it Webroot, I don’t think so or else I would see the same issue with PC Tools - wouldn’t you think?


Well, it’s not advised to run 2 realtime scanners at the same time. It might be possible that CAV is clashing with SS. As pctools’s firewall doesn’t have an AV, it won’t clash.


I’m just saying that while Comodo may not be perfect, it may also not be totally to blame for your experience.

I used SpySweeper around three years as well. All I can tell you is that I got tired of SpySweeper interfering with other applications. And these were due to the more recent releases of SpySweeper. For a while I was thinking it was the other applications because SpySweeper had been trouble free for so long I didn’t even suspect it. I finally narrowed it down and Webroot lost a long time customer.

Well, I must admit that I used SS in it’s early ages, but then it started to get bloated, and I dropped it.