Webroot Spysweeper or Spyware Doctor (or 'Other Anti-Spyware)


I know that there have been countless queries of this type in the past, but I am at a loss to figure out which anti- spyware to purchase. I have decided to purchase as I think it’s a good idea but there are so many conflicting views. I think I have it narrowed down to Webroot Spysweeper and PC Tools Spyware Doctor.

Can anyone give me unbiased views on each of these?


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Most popular here seems to be Super AntiSpyware, the free version that does on-demand scanning. I wouldn’t buy either one for real time scanning. With CFP3 and free Avast! 4.8 (and eventually Comodo will have CAVS3) the real time aspects are well taken care of, and I never see anything at all with SAS. Why do you think what you have is insufficient?

Purchase neither. Listen to sded. I use SAS on demand only. If you have a good av you do not need a real time spyware scanner. Keep your money for something more useful like gas.


If you guys are sure about Super Antispyware, I’ll give it a try. The only reason I was unsure was that I had Spybot for a few years, but it never found anything. When I tried the trial version of Spyware Doctor, it picked up a few things, so I was worried that I was missing potentially dangerous malware.

I’ll give SAS a try.

I bet what Spyware Doctor found was false positives to make you buy there product. Cookies are not spyware. If Spybot never found anything thats good. Why should you want spyware on your pc.

You probably never got any viruses either. :wink:

I used web-root for 2yr and it was great in finding things. i can not say it’s bad at all and it does find more than SAS and SD I never had 1 false + but it is a sys HOG x2 and it does not allow very much user input [on or off] is the about the only option you get. i could not be~leave how much my sys came back to life after removing it. i would try SAS and maybe a2free but if you really need real time spy protection than i would go with web-root as it gives more ■■■■ for the buck. this is just my opinion and you should try other AS before spending any money

Thanks for the input. I’ll check again tomorrow to see if there are any other suggestions.

My vote goes to spy sweeper. But if you download the trial of either spy sweeper or spyware doctor, you get free real time protection. Then get SAS free for scans.

And my vote goes to … Spyware doctor (:TNG). However, just in case you want to buy one.

As sded already stated, SAS is good for on-demand scanning, and if you really want a realtime scanner try spycatcher express, one warning it does use some resources!


With a limited budget I was forced into using FREE products.

What I found is, that No one anti spyware program finds everything !

I was using SpywareDoctor Starter Edition (does more than the free trial version) found only in Google Pack.
I dropped it because of resource usage, very high and when another anti malware program would do a routine scan it would start scanning and the usage goes up, and it could cause another program to kick in and make your computer come to a crawl. It did a great job of finding and eliminating malware but causing my computer to come to a crawl caused me to uninstall it.

I guess speed is why I have only Spyware Terminator and Windows Defender run at start up,
but I do keep SuperAntiSpyware updated and ready to scan along with Dr.Web, Ewido / AVG anti spyware, and A Squared Free.
To save resources I use services.msc, and when needed I will start them in manual mode.

Loaded but not running is Spy Bot I use the immunize to block along with SpywareBlaster, even Spybot and Windows Defender have found something the others have missed when scanning, but not very often.

I also have 4 now 3 anti root kit programs I run first, Pavark.exe from Panda and sarsfx.exe fro Sophos, and Sysinternals Rootkit revealer. The fourth was BlackLight which is now part of
F-Secure Suite.

When needed I also run several online scanners such as Kapersky, esset Nod32, and F-Secure.
Found that I had to suspend Avira’s Guard when usning esset’s online scan. It had blocked 10 Nod scans and had to manually allow. Had to leave and when I came back it had not finished after 10 hours. I disabled Avir Guard and rescanned in less than an hour.

Currently use Avira Free and like it because of its success and its options.
With most anti virus programs your choice is quarantine or delete which in most cases means the virus has made its way onto your HD. The primary option I see with Avira is Block which means Avira is keeping it off of your HD. along with the other two options.


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vote for DrWebCureIt ;D

ehm (:NRD) if you’re using avast or antivir premium (or others),they have bundled Virus & Spyware protection. are you sure you need more AS?

Since other programs are now allowed in this thread here is a question.

I found Dr.Web on jotti.org http://virusscan.jotti.org/

There are several programs some I’ve used some I have not
Wondered about several, one was ikarus, since unfortunately for myself I only read English.