Webroot Spy Sweeper - Free 6 months promotional offer.

O0 Get in quick while Webroot is offering a 6 month promotional offer :slight_smile:

Send Me a personal message if the above link does not work!

OMG come on Kyle. How can you promote such bloated junk. Spy Sweeper uses all your memory and slows your pc to a crawl. Real time spyware scanners aren’t needed if you have a good av. Scan once a week with a good on demand scanner and you will be just fine. SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes Anti Malware are far better and lighter choices. Hey can some modder remove this. LOL.

Lol everybody has their opinion and some people would probably really happy to get this for free. I don’t use it - but some other people may like to.

Spysweeper and Spycounter are so slow.

I run SUPER anti Spyware and have Malware Bytes installed but not on access. It works fine.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. This might be good for some, However, Myself I don’t use Webroot :wink: