Webroot now hangs?

Well I updated my old version of Comodo to the newest version which I am sure everyone has heard about (false positives). Now Webroot Spy Sweeper hangs and/or runs forever when it tries to perform a scheduled run on my computer. The other day it ran for 20 hours and only showed half complete? It used to run in 45 minutes with the old version of Comodo! I turned off Heuristics but it still happens, any idea?

Anyone else having this issue with other spy / virus types of programs running?


Hey there (:WAV),

have you tried excluding Spysweeper from Comodo and comodo from Spysweeper ? Can you please look if that works ?


I did that this morning and it ran for 2 hours and was only about 20% complete. The only thing I didn’t do was reboot and/or turn off real time scanning.


Wait for the upcoming update that will fix issues with Spy Sweeper and Ad Aware. It is expected this week.