Webroot free firewall

Has anyone tried this firewall? BTW I 'm using Comodo v.3 …Just want to find out what you think about this firewall…

In my opinion this firewall isn’t much better than windows default firewall! I’ve tried it in the past and it pretty much never asked me about any programs connecting to the internet, it just automatically allowed everything. I didn’t find it at all useful and there have been reports on download.com of it failing GRC Shields Up Tests and all leaktests.

Stick with CPF3!

Thanks for your reply…
I downloaded Webroot firewall and am trying it now…So far so good.It passed grc and Pcflank leak tests.It also asks for program and internet permissions etc.Not too bad so far…Still staying with Comodo…But maybe Webroot is giving Comodo a bit of competition…What do you think?

It certainly has a long long long way to go for it to be any competition. Webroot Firewall is more like in competition with PCTools or Ashampoo Firewall at it’s current stage.

It buildsin DSA, a top notch hips. So yes it is actually comparable to Comodo with defense+.

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