Webroot buys Prevx

Webroot, the first Internet security service company, today announced it has acquired Prevx, provider of the world’s most scalable and effective cloud-based anti-malware solutions. Webroot will integrate Prevx’s technology into its cloud security services to deliver the industry’s most effective online protection for consumers and businesses.

“Webroot and Prevx share a common vision for revolutionizing what we believe is a market in need of dramatic change,” said Dick Williams, CEO at Webroot. “Security vendors have expected customers to buy, install, maintain, and then manage security products that simply cannot keep pace with today’s cybercriminals. Prevx is the leader in cloud-based antivirus protection and behavior-based malware detection, which block threats before they can ever reach a PC or corporate network. This technology, combined with Webroot’s innovations, customer service and support, will make it easy for consumers to stay protected online wherever they go, and easy for businesses to protect their employees and their networks.”

Founded in 2001, Derby, England-based Prevx provides products with unparalleled capabilities for protecting home PCs, corporate networks and mobile devices from the latest malware threats, including zero-day exploits, as soon as they’re detected. Prevx uses real-time cloud technology to understand when malicious files or processes are attempting to attack, which is faster and more effective than traditional signature-based detection. The company’s flagship product, Prevx 3.0, features the world’s smallest, fastest, and lightest endpoint security agent which is substantially easier to deploy, and utilizes dramatically less system resources, than traditional large anti-malware engines.

“Today’s cybercrime industry is rife with zero day exploits, social engineering, and sophisticated techniques which make it possible for threats to get past traditional malware detection,” said Mel Morris, Prevx founder, and vice president and general manager of Prevx operations at Webroot. “Webroot shares our desire to innovate at a time when our industry has fallen behind in the war against online crime. We also share a commitment to developing a relationship with our customers and making security an experience they enjoy. We are pleased to become a part of Webroot and join forces in leading a revolution in the security industry.”

Webroot first became a pioneer in Internet security with Webroot® Spy Sweeper, the industry’s first antispyware software. Leveraging enterprise email security technology acquired three years ago from Email Systems and Webroot’s best-in-class Web security service solution, the company has emerged as a leader in cloud security. Webroot further expanded its cloud security portfolio with the acquisition of Web site classification company BrightCloud earlier this year, and Webroot introduced its first cloud security offering for consumers, Webroot Internet Security Complete, in July.

Webroot has also made strides toward protecting individuals, not just their devices, against online risks with the introduction of its 2011 consumer security suites. These efforts which include the BrightCloud technology are a perfect complement to Prevx SafeOnline which is now used by more than 20 major financial organizations worldwide to protect against today’s most virulent information-stealing threats. In combination, Webroot and Prevx will be able to provide unparalleled transaction and online security for online banking, social networking and ecommerce.

“Webroot has been moving more security off of the desktop and into the cloud in order to deliver better protection as a service to our customers,” continued Williams. “Together Webroot and Prevx will deliver on our promise of providing our customers the best security service in the world. We believe this is a seminal event not just for our company but for our industry.”

Never heard of their security suite before, is it good?

Webroot is heavy on the computer; I tried it last year and I didn’t find it so good.

Yes. Depends on how you use it…but if your a normal user than yes it is 50-50 good :slight_smile: