Webpage loading so slowly..help [Resolved]

when webpage loading very so slow… please help


Can you give us more details such as firewall version, browser, what the website is?

This will help us to provide an answer.


OS : Windows XP SP2 (Windows update all applied)
IE : Internet Explorer(Ver.6.0.2900.2180)
CPF Ver. => / DateBase Ver. => 1.2
Website => most of site(many images and flash)…
for example http://www.naver.com/ , http://www.daum.net/

after CPF install …
this delay very often occured…

※ my computer is perfectly clean(no virus,no adware)

Are you behind a router / on a network. If so have you added this as a trusted network / zone?

There is a a tutorial made by panic (Ewen) on the forums, which you can view here:


Thanks your kindness ^^

but I uninstalled CPF …

and install CPF beta, my problem worked out…^^

CPF EXcellent firewall i like it

I expect CPF last version…

I’m sorry, it was not solved yet…ㅠㅠ

Place that is fine some site and there are much image files and flash file is usual.

Perfect solution does not seem to become.

try connect >>> http://www.betanews.net/ and http://www.daum.net/

I am hard because of the slow speed excessively.

Ok, that’s great to hear. Glad the problem is solved with the latest version. :wink: