Webcomics anyone?

Anyone likes webcomics? If so I’d be interested in your recommendations. Mine are:

Sinfest - My most recent discovery and mostly one of the funniest and most mind arousing things I’ve seen. Good art and good script.

Wally and Osborne - Good art and funny, although it seems to me now somewhat lacking fresh ideas compared to the first days --very common in webcomics.

Dilbert - This doesn’t need anyone’s recommendations, it’s featured in many newspapers, but anyway. Only about office work and funny more often than not, sometimes very hilarious. I have a couple of books from when it wasn’t always about work.

Fantasy with a special lowbrow homour. I like it. 8)

I read into Sinfest a little. Very witty humour.

I’ll take a look at Atland, keep’em comin’. :slight_smile: About the D&D fantasy theme, I like 8-bit theatre, rambling as hell, but far from the beginning it sometimes forgets to include some punch.