Webcam image freezing on WLM: firewall problem?

i use comodo pro firewall v3, on XP SP3, on my sony vaio SZ. basically here’s my problem: i got my laptop last week, downgraded to XP (by the store), and ever since i got it, the webcam has been freezing on video call in windows live messenger. ive been trying for the last week to fix it, by talking to sony online, reinstalling drivers, updating drivers, everything i could think of. even upgraded to SP3 today. it helped to an extent, coz initially, the image would freeze immediately, but after reinstalling sony software and the camera drivers, it now lasts anywhere from 5min to 30min.

i was told that it could be that my firewall is blocking it, so firstly…is this possible? could the firewall be blocking it, and letting it run for like 5min, 30min or anywhere in between, and then blocking it, and freezing the image?

secondly, if that IS the case, how do i configure comodo to allow my cam? coz im very new to firewalls n configuring them, so i’d need a proper explanation.

lastly, even if this probably isnt a firewall problem, please tel me how to configure my firewall to allow cam and anything else! i heard that a wrongly configured firewall can really mess up my comp, so if there’s anything u can add, thatd be great too…but PLEASE try to fix my cam, im very disappointed as its the only thing thats not been perfect in my new laptop



First thing to understand is that if it was a firewall - any firewall, not just CFP - blocking the cam, it would block it as soon as the connection was attempted. There would not be a minute, minute or minute period before it would block - it just would block it immediately.

If you do a google on “sony vaio sz webcam freeznig”, yuo’ll find that there are numerous reports of problems with the cameras in Vaios.

My gut instinct is that this is a Sony driver issue. Can you test your laptop with a borrowed, external webcam?

Ewen :slight_smile: