web site issue


I was unable to get the pop-up to load correctly. I used IE and it popped up correctly.
I tried to register on the site and you must accept their terms and conditions on a pop-up. I did get the pop-up it was just blank though.

The Web Site Issues forum is actually to report problems with Comodo websites.

As this is not a Comodo site, I’ll move this topic to a more suitable forum.

What browser other than IE did you try that did not work properly with this site? Comodo Dragon, Chrome, Firefox, Opera…?

This is a quote from the Website http://www.hmaservice.com/signup_main.asp

Problem with the above link? See NOTE below: NOTE: If your computer has Windows XP operating system, you may have an automatic Pop-up Blocker running which can prevent these links from opening. To bypass the Pop-up Blocker, hold the "Ctrl" key (lower left corner of keyboard) while you click on the link, and do not release the "Ctrl" key until the download window fully appears.
Have you tried that, or tried temporary disabling any popup blockers or popup/adblocking addons?