Web Security Guard

Don’t really know where this should go, but looks like Crawler is getting in on the act and will be competeing with various products of Comodo’s, Avast! and event Opera’s verification:


Apologies if this has already been mentioned.


Seems to be an alternative to site advisor. Not Comodo. Unless there’s something i didn’t read.

Allow myself to introduce you to a new board: Verification Engine. (Actually, I think it’s been around since May 05, 2006)

That’s it! Seems similar. However, I tried ST and it really slows down the system and had a couple of glitches that annoyed me, this new one might be the same.
Neither works in Opera anyway :’(


Heh, beer can give that effect… i don’t use it (yet), so it’s easy to forget… :stuck_out_tongue: