Web protector NOT web shield

I think comodo should make a web protector like bluecoat k9 web protection. This way if we ever get a virus redirecting us to adult sites it will block it. I love to use k9 web but sadly it cannot be used because it conflicts with CIS. If comodo could make one of these it would be great. It should block web advertisements, unrated sites, adult content, etc.

AFAIK, the parental control currently implemented works very well.

The best thing to use to help work with CIS, is a HOSTS file. A HOSTS file will block known ad, tracking, and malicious sites.

A good FAQ about HOSTS files can be found here: How To: MVPS Hosts File FAQ
and here Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File

Also, using SpywareBlaster is a good technique to help block the installation of spyware. (http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/)