Web pages not loading

I’ve been a dedicated Comodo Dragon user for a long time now but about a month ago experienced the problem of web pages not loading - i.e. the browser refuses to load any web pages at all - it just sits there. The only way around this is the “–no-sandbox” option - as suggested on the Chrome Forum. I’m sure this is a Google problem, and I’m following closely the discussion on their Forum, but I’m surprised that there appears to be no cries from the CD community. Am I alone in experiencing this problem? Are Comodo putting any pressure on Google to “get it sorted”. And what is the risk I run in using “–no-sandbox”?

Any answers would be very much appreciated; I don’t want to lose Dragon, which I’ve sworn by in the past!


My problem with Comodo Dragon not loading web pages, which has persisted for a couple of months, has now suddenly resolved itself. It’s still the same version of Dragon (, but I don’t know what else has changed. Thank you - I’m happy again.

I’m having an issue where my dragon browser won’t load facebook and mafia wars pages completely I have version Version have reset the browser just a few minutes ago

funny how after everything I did, I posted this and instantly it’s working fine. :o

I am having issues with dragon pages not loading at all!!! Version…
pages i have tried to load do load in other browsers… firewall is turned off

What else can i do ???

I have also attached a screen shot of what i do get.

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Hi and welcome DEVILISH07,
There currently appears to be some issues with Comodo Secure DNS.
Under privacy in the advanced settings, temporarily disable ‘Malware Domain Filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)’ until this issue is resolved.

Thank you.

Thanks, captainsticks! I was experiencing the same problem, but your workaround solved it.