Web Pages Loading Process

I’ve noticed on various occasions that the following appear as I search a web page, but which also slow down the speed of how quickly a web page loads. Is this normal?:

Waiting for

What browser are you using and what DNS servers do you use? Are there specific pages where this happens? Does the same thing happen with all extensions disabled?

I’m using Comodo IceDragon with my own ISP’s server (it’s single, rather than the standard dual two-way servers for some reason).

I’ve tested pages at random where this happens, both with extensions enabled and disabled and the result is always the same.

Some pages can go through a few “Waiting for”, “Found”, etc, delaying sites from loading for a few seconds.

Here are some examples:

Waiting for searchcdn.infospace.com

Waiting for

It often takes a few seconds before a page will load



On one occasion, it connected to www.gravatar.com when I went to this link:


Waiting for searchcdn.infospace.com

Waiting for
Transferring data from - even the very site I’m searching for per occasion

Waiting for
Transferring data from yui.yahooapis.com

Waiting for y3.timg.com
Waiting for i.yimg.com
click handler

The number and range of sites considerably varies, but this is very commonplace whenever I do any searching, which always delays the timing of pages loading.

When going to this site, http://one-for-the-dads.979225.n3.nabble.com/A-new-chat-thread-use-this-for-any-odds-and-ends-td3926848i20.html, I have found that the process of “Waiting for”, “Transferring”, “Found” and some of these messages repeating themselves can go through 3 or 4 sites. I’ve caught the names of some (and list several, spanning a few sites, listed above), but as they often appear very quickly, it’s difficult to always catch full details.

This time around, the above link kept alternating between Nabble, One for the Dads and i2.wp.com, thus delaying the total time before the page was loaded.

Judging by the names those urls’ seem to be from ad and tracking servers. Are you using adblocker or similar type of extensions like Ghostery?

I’m experimenting with a few different programs, some overlapping (due to say one detecting malware that another doesn’t or one picking up more than the other, so what one misses, the other picks up).

At present, I have Adblock Plus, Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon and temporarily, Anvi pop-up blocker, as it’s on a free trial and I might invest in it eventually (as the Adblock programs don’t pick up some types of pop-ups, such as the ones that appear vertically on a page).

I have Easy List and Easy Privacy in the Adblock programs but for some reason, they and Anvi are still not blocking these ad and tracking servers, which slow down the loading time of each web page I visit.

You mentioned elsewhere that you’re using NoScript again, in which case, the ‘Transferring’ status message may well be due to either script blocking or blocked cross domain requests. Remember, virtually all sites these days have links to others, either for content or advertising.

With regard to the ‘Waiting for’ status messages, these may of may not be browser related. Quite often they’re caused by server time-outs, network problems or even a misconfiguration in firewall rules.

With regard to AdBlock, try the filters from Fanboy Adblock Homepage

At first, I disabled NoScript, as I found it cumbersome at first, due to not being used to the program, but after re-enabling it, I’ve found it’s much less intrusive than when I first used it. It doesn’t always request permission for access after all, which saves time and speeds up browsing.

I’m not familiar with cross domain requests, but I tend to block most scripts, except those required to run a program, eg Youtube. I’d not realized virtually sites have links to others these days. Not sure why this is necessary, but it looks like a common situation on many, if not all users’ computers.

I’ve noticed the “Waiting for” messages tend to vary in speed, with no delay and in other cases up to a few seconds delay to loading web sites, which must depend on the factors you mentioned, possibly also the level of traffic, as when most people are online, speed can be heavily reduced.

Thanks for the link to Fanboy. I’ve installed all but the Beta version of the filters and it’s made a big difference. Upon running a link to another site, it loaded instantly. When I tried the link again just a moment ago, it took two seconds to load, but that’s still very quick. It’s certainly made a big difference, a bit like Glary Utilities.