web page layout problem

Hi everyone,

I’m using CD, and I must say that it is a very good product…but currently I’m facing a strange issue: I can’t visualize properly this web page…It’s an italian streaming movies site:


I don’t have any problem using other browsers like Firefox…but when I use CD it can’t display movie posters, or the entire web page…any suggestion guys?? Thanks :slight_smile:

The site renders OK for me with Dragon 15… and the page looks virtually identical under Firefox 8. An add-on issue maybe?

PS Mind you, I’m a little disturbed that Moulin Rouge is listed under Sci-Fi. That is so wrong… but, it’s like that in both CD & FF anyway. :wink:

Very odd thing, the only add-on I have is adblock plus, but even desabling it, I have the same results…this sis the way I see this web page, look at the attachment…

…and…yes…I agree about Moulin Rouge… :smiley:

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That is odd… I only have a couple of add-ons myself in CD. One of which is also ABP. I did try it with ABP disabled just in case it was making it work somehow. But, aside from the ads, it still looked OK. The attached screen shot is with ABP enabled.

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Tryng and trying I can be more lucky than before, but this is the best result I can reach (no movie posters).
I’m running CD inside Sandboxie, but I can ensure you that even running it normally, nothing changes…

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Are you using Comodo’s DNS in CD?

The movie posters are redirects, so you’ll need to go to Options → Under the Hood and uncheck Do not allow websites to know where you came from. (Suppress HTTP referrer header)

No, I use my ISP DNS…and the CD option is unchecked…

Yeah…now it’s working!!! :smiley:
Thank you very much guys :smiley: