Web-Interface for Malware and False-Positive Submissions

Hi Guys

Using this you can submit malware and also report False-Positive.
At the max you can upload 5 files, each of max 10MB. Every file must be complete, files in parts will be discarded.


Ok I have a few Questions myself here but I need to know the CIS Database is the Virus Signature Database Version Right

Another is I can’t even RAR this file in fact it only has one Tab and that is General Tab no other tabs so I can’t even take control of that file… sorry but also I try to send it through the COMODO submit site and it just says try submitting a file with a size more than 0kb so I figure this file must have some coding to protect itself hence its viral. Anyway I know now that the only way to get this done is to show you where to get the file and what its info on it is so I’ll write another for that info right after this replay. HB.

I have a problem now after updating to new Database I can’t update anymore its now been three days and the AV update is still saying same thing can someone move me to the right area for this post either I’m to lazy or stupid to find the right post thanks yours truly dumb ■■■ :expressionless: I"m getting feed up with this thing I wanted to make the AVdatabase better now I think I might have had a hand in screwing it up :frowning:


i have running Win XP Professional and took the free version of commodo avg virus protection with firewall.

It was the downloadfile avg_free_stb_eu_9_115_free which i tried to install.
Ive got the error: (Its in german language)

Arbeitsplatz: Geplante Aktionen installieren
Fehler: Installation von MSVC Redistributables ist fehlgeschlagen. Installation von AVG kann nicht fortgesetzt werden.

Means installation of MSVC Redistributables went wrong. Can not go on.

I let the diagnostic program run, but cann not open the filöe on my harddisk.

Can you help me?

Cheers Tom

Sorry, I’m not understanding your problem. Can you please state which components of CIS you have installed alongside AVG.

Is this a problem with AVG or Comodo?

Can you please start a new topic in the relevant board from here:

You will get help much quicker as I believe this is the wrong section. Sorry, I’m not understanding enough of what your problem is to suggest the correct board. ???

Hello tommse. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can ask on the International Comodo Forums if you are having trouble explaining?


Thank you very much.

Hello tommse.

These seems to be a AVG problem.

Look here:

Below this text you’ll find more information:
Error: MSVC Redistributables installation failed. Installation of AVG can not continue.
Error: MSVC Redistributables installer requires immediate restart. Installation of AVG can not continue.

Hilfe auf Deutsch :):

I have tried a few times to upload samples through http://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/ with no success. It just gets stuck at “File(s) upload is in progress.
This will take a while depending on the file size”.

When sending samples to be checked by virustotal, I see no problems, so I don’t think it’s a problem with my connection.

it depends on your connection speed, I submit there all the time and it works just fine for me.

It’s nice to have a web interface for submitting, but… why can’t Comodo make the Submit button on the CIS Complete > Antivirus > Quarantined Items list box to actually submit suspicious quarantined files to the reviewers for a quick analysis and response? I have been frustrated for more than a year because I had submitted a newly-quarantined (formerly in v4.x, a “suspicious”) file and the result displays “Already submitted” but no diagnosis ever shows up, for month after month after month. And most of the time, it used to show Failed instead of Success when the Submit button was clicked. Has this processing been improved in v5.x?

Can I also send malware for analysis to malwaresubmit@comodo.com?

Yes, of course…