Web Inspector: So What! How do you use it?

Web Inspector: So what? How do you use it? Can we only give one website at a time into a text field and click to inspect? Can we visit a site and then is there a method to make Web Inspector inspect the page or site? Do we find a text address and copy & paste this text address to the Web Inspector text field and click Inspect?

some of the info is outdated but it’s good enough to figure out how to use it.

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Thanks. So Web Inspector is much like Symantec Safeweb, in that you open the web form as a web page and put in the hyperlink to the site you want inspected. Web Inspector does not have a way to scan the current page the way Site Inspector could.

it does I believe its a bug

info I copied from site Inspector area info from > vadim <

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SiteInspector by Comodo really was renamed and moved to the new domain name:

Product website: http://www.webinspector.com/
Application: http://app.webinspector.com/

info for you string_game & trscsaeg