Web Host Change

We purchased Comodo SSL certificates for our domain via host provider Bluehost. Recently we switched our host provider to webfaction. We just installed the earlier certificates on the webfaction’s servers. Most of the browsers seem fine but few IE/Chrome versions are raising this security warning:

The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website’s address.

I have checked external websites like sslshopper to verify that everything is fine, those results look all good.

But how to prevent the above warning raised by some browsers? Do I need to create a new CSR from web faction and get the certificates reissued? Does the certificate contain the web host information somehow, which in our case is old and needs an update.

Please help.

Can someone please help resolving this?

Without knowing your site AND knowing how BlueHost provide certificates to customers…you will likely need to purchase a new certificate because BlueHost often ties the certificate to the hosting package and when you terminate your relationship with them, the certificate goes with it.

Without specifics, this is only a guess.

Thank you Sal. I’ll take the new certificate route.